WE ARE GROUP AND NETWORK OF PROFESSIONALS SERVING ALL LINE OF BUSINESS INDUSTRY. We Have Group and Network of Accounting and Financial Experts: for your financial management, Bookkeeping, General Accounting management, Audit, Philippine taxation and International taxation experts, Business Management and Business consultancy services and Procurement services. We have Group and network of Human Resources Professionals for your human resources and manpower management, end to end process of recruitment services from lowest to executive positions, Human Resources Consultancy services not just for the Philippines but also to overseas countries following the international HR Standards, and we have group of recruiters that are ready to serve for recruiting both within the Philippines and overseas applicants using several online recruiting platforms. We have group and network of I.T. Experts for your I.T. Services needs such as programmers, website designers, game developers, apps developers, system designers, LAN or Local networking services, computer units maintenance and servicing technicians and other I.T. services and soon expanding for Engineering and construction Services, Architectural designs, and EPC or Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Commissioning and maintenance consultancy services that we are going to provide to our vast clients not just in the Philippines but all over the world.


The Our front-arm experts behind Doing Business Professionals ... that would bridge you to our network.

  • Dæn T. Somos, BSA, MBA

    Human Resources and Recruitment/ Local and International Head Hunting Expert

    Sky is not the limit in reaching your dreams. Keep rising as a World's Expert.

  • Achiles Oliver & Lovelynette Icarus

    Business Development /Marketing Magician Partners

    Never count failures but how many times you succeed THE MERE FACT IS pieces of those failures are the keys to more success

  • Hanz So Wu

    Strategist, Public Relation and Innovator

    The image of yesterday is no longer the one tomorrow SO NEVER DWELL IN THE PAST, move on and move faster forward and never missed anything


Our Group and Network of Professionals are Second to none!.

Human Resources

HR Organizational Development 95%
Human Resources Relations 97%
HR Manpower Management 95%
Shared Service/ Restructuring/ Culture 97.7%
Safety and Security 94.1%
HR Engagement 93.2%

Recruitment, Selection and Org Exit

Recruitment Strategy 98.6%
Talent Sourcing 95%
Internal Recruiting 93.2%
On-line Head Hunting 86%
Recruitment System/ Technology 98.6%
Org. Exit 91.4%


Payroll Systems 97.7%
Automated Payroll Efficiency 95%
Payroll Outsouring Service 93.2%
Payroll Systems Development 80%
Payroll Analysis 96.8%


We help our clients integrate, analyze, and use their data to improve their business.










We are committed to deliver on time or ahead of the deadline. With our technology and resources, all things are doable in fast and efficient service

Our Current Projects

We pride ourselves on bringing a fresh perspective and effective Business development and marketing to our professional services.

  • Full Stack Frontend Developer (ASP.NET MVC)


    Full Stack Frontend Developer (ASP.NET MVC)



    Do you want to work on amazing projects, with Agile methodology, focused on the results and free to arrange your day accordingly?

    Our firm is searching for talented, high skilled developers that want to join a dynamic team working on Web, Cloud and Mobile.

    Your responsibilities:
    • Participate as member of small engineering team focused on end-to-end delivery of customer-focused software using Agile and Lean methodologies
    • Build, test, deploy, and monitor software using various Microsoft Technologies
    • Contribute to product UX design
    • Define, review, and collaborate on technical architecture of solutions
    • Collaborate daily with project stakeholders including IT operations and infrastructure staff, product owner(s), end users, and other business leadership
    • Contribute forward-thinking innovation and ideas to projects that introduce new technology and processes to increase business value and improve end-user experience
    • Fluent English
    • Good knowledge of ASP.NET MVC
    • Good knowledge of Javascript Frameworks (jQuery as a must)
    • Orientation to Frontend programming (Javascript, HTML)
    • Being obsessed with pixel perfect solutions

    Fixed salary + bonuses at deliveries.

    This is a work from home job (main office is Europe)
    •      State your salary expectation ( mention if fixed salary or still  negotiable)
    •      State your Skype ID, Viber or Line
    •       Send us your updated resume

    Send your resume now to:      D a n @ s o m o s o t e c h. c o m

  • The Dangerous PAYPAL (Scam) don't be compromise

    Paypal gain popularity in the western country particularly in its Origin in the USA but it already have so many issue like hidden charges, Double charging, and a collector of the most sensitive information which is the Credit card. This is paypal business they earn double and you lost triple.  Every time you join the known secured but unsecured financial system like this, you put your risk morethan your capacity to protect yourself.

    How to consider Paypal earn double and you lost triple for 200% loss?

    1.    When you join this online Paypal money you exposed your personal information to a company whom you didn’t know if they would really care your protection or not (loss 90%). Your loss is already 90% for exposing your sensitive personal information to Paypal a chance for identity theft is even more than 90%. A certain government authority now is spying Paypal’s transaction because the soaring cases of Identity theft had leaked that information are from Paypal insider. 

    2.    Second is when they require you to add your financial ticket is another risk. When you add your bank account and credit card to them is the most stupid things in one’s life. The Personal information is  already leaked plus the financial information which means they are holding your life now risk 80%

    3.    After you added your bank account and credit card account as a process of verification, they will start charging you. Though Paypal will refund your after your verification  but they will still charged you for the transaction 20%


    How Paypal earn double while members loss is triple?

    1.    Form adding your credit card and bank account information, you were already charged.

    2.    When you send money, they will charge you for 3.4% + another hidden charge

    3.    When your money receiver got the money he/she would be charge again 3.4% + another hidden charges. Every transaction is already deducted with 6.8% from the gross amount plus hidden charges.


    Paypal’s Dangerous hidden charges

    The sad thing for Paypal is their hidden charges. You would not know how much is the hidden charges they will owe to all members in their every transaction. The risk of your personal information plus the risks of your bank account plus the risk of your credit card information plus the double charging and hidden charges will mean PAYPAL is a form of SCAM.


    Paypal’s alibi for Securing your account for your fall

    1.    2 strategy of Paypal for ups and downs members. If they think that you are a moneyed and valuable person for their business, all they have to do is to limit your account with any manufactured reason. If they think that they could not Earned money from you also because you are a smart member, they will do the same. They will limit your account to that you will leave Paypal. Their priority are those people who are valuable and moneyed. They will limit the account for any manufactured reason for them to contact paypal. After then they will ask very sensitive question as the key for your final loss. They will dig you up including a very secret information in your life so they could use it for “Identity theft” information.

    2.    They pretend to be very secured online but you are not secured with Paypal insider. They will collect your vital information and rank you for their future plan.

    3.    Paypal is not secure because you don’t have any hold of evidence and documents that your money is in the right hand. If you think of a secured E-money use the credit card or any other E-money that will send you a real public documented evidence that your fund is insured and secured plus an online “keyguard”. If you are not in the USA, be careful, you would spend thousands to call paypal office for your delayed money and they will not act fast on it. Asia, Europe, South America, Middle East and Oceania is not advisable to use paypal. Be careful of the Paypal back to back Scam.

    From: Global News Online

  • Accounting Staff Tourist Center Corporation

    Sheena C. Catarroja

    HR-Admin Associate
    Human Resources Development

    Tourist Center Corporation
    Unit C, 15/F BA Lepanto Condominium

    8747 Paseo De Roxas,

    1226 Makati City

    Tel:       +63 (0) 2 751-5866
    Fax:      +63 (0) 2 864-0312

  • Corporate director of Quality

    Location: Oakland County, Michigan, United States

    Compensation: $95,000 to $100,000

    Job Information:

    * Must have multiplant experience.

    * Must know machining and assembly and/or the metals manufacturing business.

    * must have 15 years management experience.

    * 4year degree perfered

    * Must be willing to travel up to 40%?

    * Have managed quality managers / professionals from a distance in the past

    * Have a complete understanding of assembly as well as manufacturing? (namely machining)


    Only your best please.

    - Very stringent hiring process,

    - drug, full back ground check,

    - verification of education,

    - interviewing by industrial phycoligist and teasting.

    - 20% fee / 50% split paid 10 days after start.

    - strong leadership history.

    Click here to apply to this Job

  • Production Supervisor

    Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

    Compensation: $25,000 to $30,000

    We are an industry leader in the North American protective packaging market. We offer a full product line-up of bubble, foam, mailers, insulation and integrated packaging systems. We operate eight manufacturing facilities, seven of which are in the US, where we generate the majority of our sales

    We are currently looking for a Production/Shipping Supervisor for our plant located in the historic east end (Pullman area) of Chicago, IL.


    · Daily production management. Set-up, operate and maintain equipment to ensure production goals are met. Supervise and problem-solve operations and workflow issues, identify new and better ways to meet and improve output goals

    · Ability to implement and drive processes

    · Manage safety on your shift

    · First level escalation support to employees regarding HR issues including but not limited to labor relations and workers compensation

    · Ability to report data and maintain production metrics.

    · Responsible for all aspects of Operations including but not limited to: Production, Facilities, Systems, Logistics, Inventory and Process Management, Materials, Health & Safety and Employment

    · Hands-on supervisory position. Supervision and problem solving regarding operations and workflow issues. Resolving day-to-day issues.

    · Assist in training employees on all aspects of operations

    · Ensuring Operations staff productivity

    · Assisting in tracking and reporting production numbers on a monthly, weekly and daily basis

    · Conducting safety meetings

    · Consistent and timely communication with employees regarding production and quality goals and expectations

    · Assisting in managing HR elements (labor relations, workers compensation, progressive discipline)

    · Supervise the shipper/receivers on your shift, ensuring product is shipped efficiently and on time

    · Reroutes freight as needed to meet demands


    · 4-6 years manufacturing experience, including 3 as a supervisor, preferably in a unionized environment and in the plastics/packaging industry

    · Post secondary education preferred, preferably in a technical area

    · Experience analyzing production data

    · Experience in, and solid understanding of, Process Management, Inventory Control, and Quality

    · Experience with lean manufacturing and ISO

    · Must have good judgment and common sense approach to business

    · Excellent problem-solving skills

    · Clear oral and written communicator regarding expectations, issues

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